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A flexible way for low income earners to own land and properties at their convenience.

What is Top Esusu?

TopEsusu stands for Evertop Esusu. It is our product designed for people who generate income on a daily or weekly basis. These include market men and women, shop owners, small-scale business owners, and those who desire to enjoy this product. The product is designed to enable them to have access to owning properties at their convenience. With Top Esusu, low-income earners can buy land in Lagos, Ibadan, Ogun State, or Anambra and pay for it easily at their convenience.

A daily or weekly contribution is made over a specific period until the cost of the land is fully paid. 

Everyone under this platform can enjoy owning a piece of land on any of our estates. We have designed 300SQMs (half plots) strictly for this product to enable subscribers to conclude payment easily within a short period. 

However, subscribers are not limited to the purchase of 300sqms (half plot) only as we are available to work with the request of our clients.

How Does It Work?

Our staff will visit the location of each subscriber daily, weekly, or as otherwise set by the customer during the time of subscription with the sole purpose of collecting the agreed weekly or daily payment using a POS. 

The payment will be made directly into the EVERTOP REALTIES LIMITED account, and upon confirmation of payment, a receipt will be issued to the customer immediately. 

At the end of each month, an invoice will also be forwarded to the customer to capture how much he or she has paid thus far and the balance to be paid to complete the payment for the land.

This will be done until the payment is concluded.

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