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Why a Real Estate Investment in Ikorodu is a Good Move at this Time

Ikorodu is a good location to consider when deciding where to buy your land. It is a well-known city in Lagos State that is large and rooted in culture.

Ikorodu is home to some highly reputed organizations and institutions within the country. These include; Caleb University, Egbin Thermal Station (the largest thermal power facility in Africa), Lagos State Polytechnic, Hypo factory, Voice of Nigeria (VON) Transmitting Station, etc.

There are various tourist attractions to explore in Ikorodu. Examples are; Cradoo Lake Waterfront, Ijede Warm Springs, Iledi Oshugbo Abalaiye Ikorodu (the sacred groove for installation of Ikorodu Kings).

Land in Ikorodu is a good buy.

We currently own two estates at Isiu, Ikorodu - Lighthouse Park & Gardens Phase 1 and Phase 2. Both are currently selling at a 25% discounted price on Outright and a 15% discount on installment, plus amazing gifts for you and your loved ones all through the holiday season!

Guess what? We also offer free site inspection! That means you get to see the land and inspect it before payment.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today, and let's make that dream of buying your land a reality.

You can buy in with as little as N50,000 and then pay the balance later (up to 24 months installment).

Available Sizes: 300SQM, 450SQM, 648SQM


Outright Price (300SQM): N1,732,500

Instalment Price (300SQM): N2,176,000

Outright Price (450SQM): N2,625,000

Instalment Price (450SQM): N3,230,000


Outright Price (300SQM): N515,250

Instalment Price (300SQM): N614,125

Outright Price (450SQM): N937,500

Instalment Price (450SQM): N1,143,250

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