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Housing Inflation in Nigeria: Should You be Worried?

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

From the beginning of 2021 up till this moment, the cost of renting a house in Southern Nigeria has consistently increased. One wonders if landlords are taking undue advantage of the demand for housing, or if it's something else.

Since January 2021 up until now, the prices of rental housing in the South East have gone up 17.01 percent and this has led to landlords taking advantage of the demand for housing, which is exceeding its supply to hike their rents to the detriment of the tenants. Currently, renting a home in regions like the South-Eastern part of Nigeria, a prospective tenant has to make a payment of not less than one year. In some cases, tenants are expected to pay up to three years in advance rent to secure rental accommodation. This is not the case in some African countries like Botswana, South Africa, Benin Republic, Togo, and Rwanda, where rents are paid on monthly basis.

With the above statistic, you can be assured that the price of rent and housing in places like Lagos and Abuja would have skyrocketed. This is why it is so prudent to own your own piece of land at this crucial time. At Evertop Realties, we sell choice pieces of land in Lagos, Ogun, Oyo, and Anambra States. Ogun state is the main hub linking the Southern and Eastern parts of the country and is gradually becoming a source of prime real estate investment. Do not miss out on a chance to acquire your own plots of land in any of these locations.

Evertop Realties Limited provides alternatives to spending bulkily on paying rent. We have affordable and quality plots of land for sale in several quality estates around the country. With as low as 50k monthly (fifty thousand naira), you can own your own piece of land and become your own landlord, instead of spending the bulk of your annual income, paying rent. You should also take advantage of our freedom promo currently running with respect to the Independence of our country, Nigeria. We are selling our estates and plots of land at very good discount prices – this is a great opportunity to invest.

Browse through our vast catalog of estates to find the most suitable one to invest in. You can also contact us at and we would gladly help you find the estate that suits you best. The average rental price in the country is growing at an alarming rate with each year. Make the wise decision to invest in real estate now, so you can secure your future.

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